Two Faced Gamer 30I’m a person who really likes to game. My favorite pastime is gaming, watching YouTube and anime, and listening to music. An ex of mine used to call me two faced (it was an abusive sort of relationship) and well I decided I would just name my site this and roll with it (instead of my main handle which is JeminiJess). I hope the walkthroughs I make will be helpful to some people and that I can introduce people to new Otome games because it is a really great genre.

Follow my otome progress:

My picture is of my OC’s mixed together (to form a two faced person). The left side (blue) is Elena. The right side (red) is Kali (she sometimes has a male form named Kyran cause she is technically neither gender as she is not human…she just takes on whichever form she wants). They are basically Yin and Yang.

*Picture made at rinmarugames and then edited together using Photoshop/Pixlr*

**I also hope to one day get rid of the blog and wordpress part in my URL…but for now it stays.**